African Art Studies - Documentary Screening

African Art Studies - Documentary Screening

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"There's no such thing as African Art, and there never has been" Nigerian artist Dennis Osadebe

In African indigenous schools of thought, it is said there is no word for art; rather that these items are better described as our spiritual technology.

We explore this and other compelling topics in our African Art Documentary Screening

With the guidance of Saraouniyya of AFRI-IDentity, we will hold sacred space to discuss, reflect and connect with the stories embedded in our DNA, the stories in our bones, the stories in our spirit.

Sunday, March 13, 2022 @ 8PM GMT | 3PM JA | 3PM CT| 4PM EST

This is a free session.

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  • Welcome & Introductions
  • What is Perfect Self Expression?
  • Documentary Screening: 'Lost Kingdoms of Africa' – Kingdoms of Mali, Benin and The Dogon
  • Guided Discussion: Art pieces or Spiritual Technology
  • Appreciations and Closing
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 ARTWORK: 'Jah Blessings' by my father and teacher Philip 'Ambokele' Henry. Prints available from his collection Ambokele Art.